Illustrated and fun talks include: 

  • History of Tobacco & Tobacco Control  -500 year rise of tobacco and the fightback! 
  • Ten Top Reasons to Stay Smokefree      -Fast moving reasons not to smoke ages 11+
  • Revenge on Raleigh: 35 years as a tobacco control activist. 
  • ​Quit Tips for Smokers - Key tips for embarking on the road to being smokefree
  • Tips for Engaging Smokers - Tried & tested ways to reach smokers & communities
  • Reaching Routine & Manual Workers - Effective ways to help R&M smokers to quit 

Tobacco Action Talks 

Tobacco Action  has a vast collection of tobacco action resources:

  • Library of books
  • Worldwide collection of posters
  • Photos from tobacco activism
  • Jokes
  • Puppet show
  • Smokefree Face and Body painting
  • Project ideas
  • Best websites guide
  • ​Quizzes


If you are looking for effective, creative and low cost solutions for tackling tobacco, contact Tobacco Action.  We offer a range of off-the-peg and bespoke interesting and interactive talks and illustrated presentations on all aspects of tobacco and health. Tobacco Action also offers roadshows, fun events, displays, media advocacy and help for smokers to quit. We work with health services, schools and youth groups, workplaces, community organisations etc.  We have years of experience and bags of enthusiasm.  Contact Tobacco Action today. 

Tobacco Action Events

Lively and interactive roadshows include:  

  • Stop Smoking -with breath CO testing, advice, referrals, demonstrations,  interactive displays, quizzes, handouts
  • Smoking Kills -Quizzes, Big Cig, information, displays, No Smokey Karaoke, games and challenges, Smoking? you're joking jokes etc.
  • Smokefree Homes workshop -talk, DIY sign making 

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Chain (smoker) gang picketing ouside Imperial HQ

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Cecilia 'Takes the Leap' for No Smoking Day

Demonstrating outside Imperial Tobacco AGM