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Tobacco action offers:

"Only 16% of the world's population is covered by comprehensive smoke-free laws". 

Tobacco Atlas 5th Edition

  1. Talks and presentations on all aspects of Tobacco Control including: smoking and health, lung health, reducing uptake of smoking, protecting non-smokers from second-hand smoke, engaging smokers to stop smoking, tackling the tobacco industry and the history of tobacco use and the policies to reduce use. 
  2. Tobacco control projects including: Stop Smoking and Smoking and Health roadshows, Smokefree Fun and Games events, Billy Buxton's Body Talks Back puppet show 
  3. Guided Walks 'History of Bristol's Tobacco Industry and Anti-smoking Activism'
  4. ​Resources including: Historic tobacco ads, photos of anti-smoking activism, 3D artworks and 'Tarmalade' jars.
  5. Chronology of key dates of tobacco action in Bristol and the South West
  6. Archive of tobacco action projects and ideas with photos where available. 
  7. Facts and fun about tobacco as well as some frightening facts!
  8. Testimonials 
  9. Links with a wide range of the key tobacco control organisations worldwide

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Fact of the day.

Tobacco leaf is grown in at least 124 of the world's countries.  In 2012 nearly 7.5 million tonnes of tobacco was grown on 4.3 million hectares of land.  This is an area larger than Switzerland. 

Quote of the day.

Kick the Habit - You Can-Can Do it!  

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