• 1980 - GASP launched as part of Bristol Health Promotion.  Campaigned for smoke-free public places. 
  • 1981 - GASPing Gourmet Gas Mask Award given to Harvey's restaurant for giving free cigars to diners.
  • GASP guide to Bristol
  • Won the Domestos First Prize for its smokefree restaurant project.
  • 1982 Published campaign leaflet 'Passive Smoking: The Facts' and 'You Smoke, I Choke' poster.  National demand. 
  • Smoke-free banks, cinemas, post offices and transport in Bristol campaigns.
  • Challenge to 'Say No to the Taxman' campaign run by the tobacco industry vilified by Tob Industry.​​
  • Health Service Journal article about GASP
  • 1983 - Visit to Australian tobacco control activists including BUGA UP, MOP UP and Anti Cancer Council.
  • Launched AGHAST to counter tobacco advertising and sponsorship.
  • SmokeOut stop smoking campaign on Radio West.
  • 1984 - Entered John Player Portrait Award at National Portrait Gallery with a painting of Jack Filbert, a 34 year old father of 5 who died from lung cancer. Made 5 national newspapers.   
  • Health Authority chairman defends Imperial  Tobacco's profits and tells us we can no longer do 'anti-smoking' work with the health service.  Campaigns became independent.  
  • COUGHIN (Citizens' Organisation for the Use of Graffiti in the Neighbourhood) set up to take direct action on tobacco billboards. Photos in national press. 
  • 1985 - Picketing of tobacco sponsored Opera, Radio 3 concerts, tennis, Marlboro Holidays, plays, Formula 1 display.  
  • Big Kill report of smoking deaths and costs marked with funeral cortege and wreath laying at Bristol's Imperial Tobacco factory. 
  • Published 'Tobacco: Damaging the World and its People'. 
  • Illegal Cigarette Sales research finds 92 of 100 tobacconists sell cigarettes to 10 and 11 year olds.  
  • 1986 - Recruited children for Esther Rantzen's illegal cigarette sales campaign for TV. Repeat sales project 46% sell cigarettes.
  • 1987 - Women only Quit & Get Fit groups.  30% 12 month quit rates. 
  • 1988 - Set up South West ASH branch of charity Action on Smoking and Health with local GPs, chest physicians and public health  
  • Entered Benson & Hedges Illustrators Award with an ironic twist on B&H ads. 
  • 1989 - Survey of Public Attitudes to Smoking found that majority want smokefree public places and workplaces. 
  • 1990 - Wm Waldegrave, Bristol MP and Sec State for Health given a giant Valentine card with tobacco control demands in verse.
  • 1991​ - Protest outside Imperial Cigar factory with a giant illuminated smoking Santa with tobacco gifts in his sack. 

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