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Talks and projects: 

Talks and presentations (Scroll down for Roadshows and events) 

We offer a range of off-the-peg and bespoke, interesting and interactive talks and illustrated presentations on any aspect of tobacco and health.  Here are some examples: 

  • Ten Top Reasons to Stay SmokeFree
    • A fast moving illustrated presentation for young people with reasons ranging from living longer and not getting nasty diseases, to protecting the environment, your looks and your cash, and not being a pawn of Big Tobacco.  (11 - 16)
  • Quit Tips
    • Simple illustrated presentation of the key tips for embarking on the road to becoming smokefree and staying on that road despite the pitfalls and cravings! (16 - adult) 
  • History of Tobacco and Tobacco Control
    • Tobacco has been used for over 2000 years in the Americas. With the explorations of Columbus over 500 years ago, tobacco use spread to Europe and the world.   This presentation gives the story of the rise and rise of tobacco  and the more recent fightback by tobacco control campaigns and policies. (14 - adult)
  • Tips for Engaging Smokers 
    • There is a tried and tested protocol for helping smokers who want to stop.  But first you have to engage smokers to motivate, encourage and inspire them to want to try.  This presentation gives a round up of ideas and tried and tested methods of reaching all smokers and specific groups that you want to target.  (Health & community workers, pharmacists)  
  • Reaching Routine and Manual Workers
    • A presentation that looks at simple but effective ways of reaching routine and manual smokers to encourage and support them to stop smoking.   (Health and community workers)
  • Wreaking Revenge on Raleigh 
    • Sir Walter Raleigh was responsible for introducing tobacco to the UK.  This illustrated talk takes a light-hearted romp through 35 years as a tobacco control advocate trying to undo all the damage caused by Raleigh!  This includes direct action against  Big Tobacco's marketing tactics, lobbying MPs and opportunistic media advocacy and No Smoking Day fun events. (All adults)   
  • Billy Buxton's Body Talks Back - puppet show
    • This funny puppet show features the complaining body organs of the hapless, unhealthy, smoking, drinking and junk food eating, couch potato, 45 year old Billy Buxton.  The puppets include Billy's heavy heart, gasping lungs and hardening blood vessels overseen by a bossy brain.  Each organ comes out to tell their tale in a pantomime fashion and asks for advice from the audience. What can be done to save Billy from ill health and an early death? The puppet show lasts about 30 minutes depending on the amount of audience participation.  (All ages) 

Roadshows and smokefree events

'Smokefree' Roadshows for colleges, workplaces and community health events, with lots of displays and information as well as breath CO testing.  We can tailor it to the setting with a theme for example:   

  • Treasure your Chest
    • We have a Pirate ship backdrop. We dress as pirates and have costumes for others to pose for photos. Breath CO testing and Lung Age testing. We have a quiz about lungs and lung health.  We would put our 'prizes' and handouts into wooden chests. 
  • Toxins in Tobacco Smoke
    • A display of the poisons in tobacco smoke cordoned off with with hazard tape .  We dress in hazard suits and masks and goggles. We many displays demonstrating the poisons in tobacco and toxic hazard signs.  We offer a quiz about the poisons are in tobacco smoke and what they do and where they come from.  We have a 'Chemical Soup' demonstration where, in Jamie Oliver style, we make a 'soup' of the various toxins in tobacco smoke. We would also do breath CO tests on smokers.
  • Smokefree Fair
    • This would include a 'summer fete' approach with games - Ciggie skittles, Splat the Fag, Gypsy Rose Smokefree (fortune teller), Smokey Joe's Lost TIme Quiz, Ciggie Pinata, Give Tobacco the Sack Race, Guess the number of butts in a jar, Stick the NO on the smoker, Smokefree Hoopla, Toss the Ciggie, Hook the Smokefree Duck (All ages)
  • Make Smoking History
    • This would include a display of early tobacco ads and Victorian postcards showing how smoking was promoted with lies and claims that seem outrageous today.   We can include a presentations about the history of tobacco use or show it as a slide show running on auto on a computer screen.  We could do quizzes about the history of smoking in order to emphasise how 'passé' smoking is.
  • Quit Tips
    • We make a 3D display of all the quit tips we recommend for smokers to help them quit - everything from setting a date, calling a quitline and using medications, to reducing stress, sniffing a butt soup, rewarding yourself, and being physically active. We use the book 'The Smokefree Formula' by Prof Robert West which  lists the 'ingredients' for stopping smoking.
  • Break Free
    • We dress as chained prisoners and emphasise the addictive aspects of nicotine.  We decorate the stall with chains and window bars made of giant 'cigarettes'. 


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